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The Pascoag Fire District is located in the extreme northwest corner of the state of Rhode Island, in the western half of the town of Burrillville. It is bordered on the west by the town of Thompson, Connecticut; on the north by the town of Douglas, Massachusetts; on the east by the village of Harrisville in the Town of Burrillville, Rhode Island; and on the south by the town of Glocester, Rhode Island.

The Pascoag Fire Department provides fire and EMS protection to the entire village of approximately 1,700 households housing 1,200 families and 5,000 people. The district has a total area of about 27 square miles, including 0.4 square miles of water in the form of lakes, ponds, streams, and reservoirs.  In addition to protecting private residences, the department also protects the Zambarano unit of the Eleanor Slater Hospital, located on the shore of Wallum Lake. The department also protects several nursing homes, the Burrillville Industrial Park, the Algonquin Gas Company, and many commercial and dining establishments including Dunkin' Donuts, Subway, CVS/pharmacy, and several privately-owned businesses.

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The official borders of the Pascoag Fire District are recorded in the Acts and Resolves of the Rhode Island General Assembly as approved on May 15, 1980, and are as follows:

"Beginning at the westerly side of Steere Farm road at the Burrillville – Glocester town line; thence northwesterly to the intersection of Mowry street and Lapham Farm road; thence northwesterly to the present line of the Harrisville Fire District on the southerly side of the Pascoag – Harrisville Road; thence northerly to the intersection of Centennial street and Hill road; thence northwesterly abutting the Harrisville Fire District boundary line to the Rhode Island – Massachusetts state boundary line; thence westerly along the Rhode Island – Massachusetts state boundary line to the Rhode Island – Connecticut – Massachusetts state boundary; thence southerly along the Rhode Island – Connecticut state boundary line to the Burrillville – Glocester town line; thence easterly along the Burrillville – Glocester town line to the point of beginning..."