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Click here to download our application for membership.

Fill out the application and deliver in person to either the Main Street or Howard Avenue firehouse.


Q: Who can join the Pascoag Fire Department?
A: Any individual at least 16 years of age who resides within the borders of the Pascoag Fire District can apply for membership with the Pascoag Fire Department.

Q: Do I need any type of prior experience?
A: No. No prior fire or medical experience is necessary. Your involvement will be based on your level of knowledge, and you will be trained in the field and in classroom/practical settings.

Q: Can I have facial hair?
A: A moustache is fine, but you cannot have facial hair that extends past the corners of your mouth. Excessive facial hair could prevent your SCBA (breathing) mask from sealing properly against your face.

Q: What if I am only interested in either fire or EMS, but not both?
A: You don't have to involve yourself with both aspects of membership. You can participate in one or the other, or both.

Q: How does the application process work?
A: Once you submit your application, you will be called to come in for an interview with a screening committee. If the screening committee signs your application, you will meet with the fire chief. If the fire chief signs your application, you will choose a social company (Hose Company #1 or Hose Company #2) with which to affiliate yourself. Your membership will be active upon successful completion of a physical exam and a background check. The Hose Company #2 by-laws also require a vote by the body of the Company at their regular company meeting to approve membership.

Q: How do I get more information?
A: Stop by either the Main Street or Howard Avenue fire station, and speak to a volunteer or career member.

Fire Commissioner Recruitment

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Volunteer Recruitment

The Pascoag Fire Department believes in the importance of volunteer firefighters. They are a vital aspect of the emergency services we provide to the residents of Pascoag. Keeping fire taxes low and providing affordable emergency services depends in large part on the volunteer firefighter and EMT. We are always seeking members of the community of Pascoag to volunteer their time and effort to help their neighbors. We provide all of the training that you will need to assist us in responding to all emergencies.

The art of firefighting is known worldwide, from the smallest rural areas to the largest cities and towns. Where there is fire, you will find firefighters doing their jobs. Some of these people are career firefighters, who receive an average firefighter salary. Others are volunteer firefighters, who are usually not paid for their services other than with the respect and gratitude of the community. In Pascoag, our volunteers are not compensated per call for their "fire response," but they do receive a yearly stipend based on their response percentage, which ranges from $0 to $500. We also offer a free life insurance policy after completion of one (1) year of service. For EMS response, we have a paid-on-call (POC) program in place, where a qualfied rescue driver will earn $15 per alarm, an EMT-basic will earn $20 per alarm, and an EMT-cardiac or paramedic will earn $25 per alarm.

Emergency medical services make up the majority of our business. We average 20 fire calls per month and 86 medical calls per month. Because so much more time is needed for volunteer dedication for EMS calls, we compensate our members with a monthly stipend as outlined above. Our volunteers are extensively trained to have life saving skills, and to learn the art of fire prevention and suppression.

If you are looking for a way to give back to your community with a true sense of pride, you are encouraged to join our team. If you don't live in Pascoag, stop by your local community's fire department and inquire about volunteering. It is a fun and rewarding experience to volunteer at your local fire department. To the left you will find a link to our application for membership and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Interested in joining our team?
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Career Opportunities

There are no paid positions available at this time, feel free to start your career as one of our volunteers.

The Pascoag Fire District is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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